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Account Generation using NEAR Wallet

Step 1: Access to create NEAR Account

This is your home page. If you already have a NEAR Account then you can switch to the next part. But if not then below is the process of how to create a NEAR Wallet Account. Let’s click “Create account”

Step 2: Account ID

This is the place where you can choose your own name account, try to make a good one since you can not change that name after you finish. Some rules that you should follow:

  • Your account ID can contain any of the following:
  • Lowercase characters (a-z)
  • Digits (0–9)
  • Characters (_-) can be used as separators
  • Your account ID CANNOT contain:
  • Characters “@” or “.”
  • Fewer than 2 characters
  • More than 64 characters (including .near)

Remember that no one can get it if you aren’t allowed to (you can sell it and buy another name account in a marketplace)

After that just agree with all the terms & conditions to continue.

Step 3: Choosing Security Method

This one is important as you need to choose your secured method. Luckily, you can change this after you create an account, but right now you should select the most secure (i.e: Recovery Phrase or Ledger Nano S or X). You can add two other methods after you finish creating an account.

Now just choose the Recovery Phrase

Step 4: Backup your Recovery Phrase (Seed Phrase)

Now your screen will present twelve characters and you have to back up this phrase. You can do the following action to backup:

  • Write down to several piece of paper and put somewhere else safe
  • Save it into some files on another computer or phone which you only use it for security purpose (remember to clean all the virus before putting the seed phrase into it)

Remember that if you forget your seed phrase, you will lose all the assets in it and can never take it back.

Step 5: Verify phrase

Make sure you get your seed phrase secure and then you enter one of the random keyword (in this situation is word number 5) to verify that phrase

Right now, NEAR Team is running a campaign that helps you to create your wallet free (with extra 0.02 NEAR Bonus to your wallet) so that if you are lucky, this step is done and you successfully create a NEAR Account. If not then you can read the following step, which is fund 1 NEAR to your account.

Step 6: Fund your account

On the screen is the temporary address (don’t save it). Now you can buy NEAR on any Centralized Exchange that supports NEAR Chain (ex: Binance) and send 1 NEAR to this address and your work is done.

But if you accidentally closed the window even though it told you not to do that, you can go back to and it will have you logged in with that as your address. You will still be able to receive NEAR from that address, it just won’t be a real NEAR Account. If this happens, you won’t be able to upgrade and you will have to start over again with a new account and seed phrase.

That is done, you have successfully created your NEAR Account and the screen should be like this.

Ref Finance User Guide

Connect to NEAR Wallet

First access and you will see the homepage above, “select connect to NEAR” and you will see the screen request to access your account.

Note: If you don’t have NEAR Account, just switch to Account Generation part first and then come back later

Choose allow to connect, this transaction does not allow the application to transfer any of your token.


In order to swap or add liquidity on Ref Finance, you will have to deposit NEAR from your NEAR Wallet first.

  • In the Menu, choose Deposit
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, the fee apply for the transaction is list on the screen, around 0.00084N
  • Here you can check the details code for the transactions if you want, it makes sure that that transaction is made correctly
  • Click allow to continue

And wallah, you are all set, 20 NEAR has successfully been transferred to Ref Finance balance.


  1. At Deposit window, choose “Withdraw”

2. Select a token you want to withdraw

3. Choose “Withdraw” and Allow the transaction

4. You have successfully withdrawn the token from Ref Finance. The token will take place at your NEAR Wallet, you can check it here


  1. Choose the pair you want to swap first, for example wNEAR to nDAI

2. Enter the amount you want to swap, the slippage is automatically set at 0.5%, you can increase the slippage in some urgent situation. Click Swap

3. Choose “Allow”. You can see more details about the transaction in “More Information” Part

4. And that is done. You have successfully swapping on Ref Finance

Add Token

There are some occasions that you don’t see the token you own appear in your dashboard. In this case you can follow this instruction to add a new token to deposit or swapping:

  • Select “wNEAR” like this image
  • Choose “Add Token”
  • Enter your ERC-20 Token Address. If you don’t know how to find it, you can check
  • Now, this token should be appear on Ref Finance’s List

Add Liquidity

  1. Open
  2. Find the pool you want to add tokens, you can try the search bar function as it will make your process easier.

3. After choosing the suitable pool, click on “Add Liquidity”

4. Enter the number you want

5. Select “Add Liquidity”, and you are finished!

Remove liquidity

There are 2 ways where you can remove your liquidity

  1. Select Pools → View Pools and choose the pool you want to remove liquidity
  • Select Remove liquidity

2. Select Pools → View liquidity → Remove

Find your liquidity token

  1. Select pools
  2. Choose Your Liquidity, and here you go



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